Skims Swimwear is Finally Here—This is What You Should Buy

The wait is officially over: after years of filling our wardrobes with all-things ” data-vars-ga-product-id=”92801413-583f-4edc-93d9-bb3255e34bba” data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.00″ data-vars-ga-product-sem3-brand=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-category data-vars-ga-product-sem3-id data-affiliate-network=”{"id":"c7eead69-486d-45c6-aa69-25710b4c2247","site_id":"530bacd4-96b2-4cfe-a9a6-1fbd7c749e22","is_active":true,"details":"","metadata":{"trackonomics":{"merchant_id":"39598","merchant_name":"SKIMS","network_name":"IR","network_id":"3","product_id":"453","product_name":"ELLE","product_external_id":"453","product_url":null}},"network":{"id":"a332915a-6423-480f-9153-e3973f438607","name":"Trackonomics","is_active":true,"business_unit_id":"ad046b46-538b-42cb-aa54-c3d158875ed6","details":"","metadata":[],"created_at":"2021-11-04T18:15:18.481570+00:00","last_updated_at":"2021-11-04T18:15:18.481594+00:00"},"product_metadata":{"link":"https:\/\/\/c\/3006986\/618913\/10056?{subid}","network_name":"ir","appended_link":"https:\/\/\/c\/3006986\/618913\/10056?{subid}&subId3=xid:{xid}","last_updated_at":"2022-03-20 06:20:40.008209"}}” data-vars-ga-media-type>Skims, the brand has finally launched swimwear.

In case you’ve been living under a rock—one free of the KarJenner empire—Kim Kardashian founded Skims in 2018 because she always struggled to find shapewear that worked with her selfie-worthy ensembles. So she made her own, offering innovative, why-didn’t-someone-think-of-that-sooner silhouettes in a bevy of inclusive skin tones and sizes. While the reality star-slash-entrepreneur-slash-lawyer has expanded into everyday essentials that look and feel good—think bodysuits, underwear, and loungewear—her swimwear pays homage to the shapewear that started it all.

As a collection of 19 pieces, Skims’ swimwear line has something to offer everyone. (A shorts-clad one piece? A bikini top that resembles your favorite T-shirt? Water-friendly bike shorts? Check, check, and check.) You’ll also be able to choose from seven colors, ranging from classic neutrals to cheery periwinkle and cobalt. Each piece is sold separately so you can build your own swim set, empowering you to feel your best in your bathing suit. Made of a blend of spandex and recyclable nylon, this swimwear is comfortable without feeling flimsy.

Act fast, because inventory is selling out faster than you can say, “you’re doing amazing sweetie.” If you see a style you like that’s unavailable in your size and preferred color, you can always add your info to the waitlist. Trust us, you’ll definitely want some Skims on hand this summer, making it well worth the wait.

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