Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 14 – 2 0, 2022

Will they or won’t they? Or maybe the question should be, Pisces, will YOU or won’t YOU? As much as your hyperromantic sign claims you want commitment, you can turn into a slippery fish when you feel caught in an inescapable net. If you’re going to give your “all” to a partnership, carve out a clause that allows you to keep a few precious parts of your life all to yourself. Even the most qualified soulmate will never understand EVERY piece of you, and that’s okay. Here’s a “law” of chemistry: Autonomy makes the heart grow fonder. Whether or not you’ve found your “person,” this rule applies. You may find yourself rebalancing relationship dynamics in the days leading up to the full moon in Virgo on Friday, March 18. Since this lunar lift spotlights your seventh house of relationships, there’s no dodging your truth. If you’re feeling suffocated, don’t wait until an unhealthy temptation becomes the “breath of fresh air” you probably don’t need. Get real about your need to get back in touch with your own interests and your closest bonds will soon benefit.

For some Pisces, bonds that have been building over the past six months could get rock solid by Friday. Here’s where you want to plan ahead. As the sign of sacrifice, you’d do anything for true love (yes, even that). But if you make too many concessions for your amour, resentment could take this promising pairing down faster than you can say, “Your place or mine?” Lean into the particular vibes of the Virgo full moon and make your preferences known. You don’t have to take your date to that hip hop showcase they keep talking about if you’re #CountryStrong—or vice versa.

Business partnerships will also benefit from this full moon. Is it time to join forces? Again, keep the searchlight on for a complementary force instead of someone with a carbon copy of your skill set. If you’ve collaborated successfully in the past, the full moon may evolve your connection into a more official partnership. Lawyer up and draft a legit contract so everything’s transparent!

Communicating constructively won’t be easy this weekend as combustible Uranus gets in a tangled angle with diplomatic Venus. Ninety percent of the time you’re as chill as an English cucumber. But when your fuse is this short, discussions are bound to get heated. Vent to a levelheaded outside party who can listen compassionately but also steer you back before you go off the rails. And go easy on the critiques, especially with friends or your S.O. While you may see glaring areas in need of improvement, will pointing them out do anything good for the relationship? Not likely; in fact, you could rile up insecurities and put your peeps on the defensive. Nobody’s perfect, Pisces, so unless these traits are putting them in harm’s way, keep that unsolicited feedback to yourself.

Get your fill of birthday cake before Sunday, when the Sun waves farewell to Pisces and moves on to Aries until April 19. Truthfully, you’re ready to shift into a productive mindset and turn some of the past month’s brainstorms into something tangible. If you’ve been a bit casual about the details lately, this solar power surge can get you back on track—the fast track! Aries governs your second house of money, work and security so you might just turn a cash cow of an idea into your very own “revenue ranch.” But first, some reality checks: That genius idea sounded amazing when you dreamed it up, but how viable is it? How much time, money and other resources would be required to pull it off? For the next month, take off your innovator’s cap and don the project manager’s. With this chart sector highlighted, you’ve got an opportunity to rein in your spending (always a challenge for your splurge-happy sign) and become more future-oriented about your savings and investing. Look for ways you can tighten the belt a little. Cut out the nonessential daily splurges, cook more meals at home, and have money auto-transferred into savings. If you don’t “see” it, you won’t spend it!

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