Obaseki charges newly employed Edo workers on commitment, service delivery …assures of better wages for Edo civil, public servants – Nigerian Observer

BENIN CITY – The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has charged the newly recruited personnel into the state’s civil and public service to be dedicated and committed in the discharge of their duties, contributing significantly to the realization of the government’s Making Edo Great Again (MEGA) agenda.

Obaseki gave the charge while delivering closing remarks at the closing ceremony for the on-boarding programme for the new workers employed into the Edo State Civil and Public Service, at the John Odigie-Oyegun Training Centre, in Benin City.

The programme, which lasted for four weeks, was for the on-boarding of the first batch of over 300 new recruits into the state’s workforce.

Obaseki noted: “Today, we are completing the on-boarding session for the first set of newly appointed public and civil servants. The 300 of you are the first set because of the limitations of resources. We also want to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the training.”

The governor disclosed that the vision of his administration is to ensure that 2,000 persons are employed into the service before the end of his tenure as Governor of Edo State.

He said: “The focus and plan of my administration is to recruit 2,000 into the Edo State Civil and Public Service before the end of my term as Governor of Edo State on November 12th, 2024. This will be a major transformation of the civil and public service in the State.

“The public service is broken both at the state and federal levels, and not providing the services required for the people of this nation. This is why things are not going the way they should. We embarked on rebuilding the service to make things work in Edo State and Nigeria. For things to work the way they should, the civil service should function properly.”

Obaseki, who assured the new workers of his administration’s support, stated: “Whatever we have built in this administration will continue by the time we leave office on November 12th, 2024. Until we settle the civil and public service as the engine room of government, government will not work.”

He continued: “You are all hired by your efforts and merit as no one had a hand in your employment. I urge you to be fearless in carrying out your responsibilities in your various offices. You owe your employment to nobody as nobody brought you in here; but God made it possible, and the need to deliver services to Edo people.

“You must be fearless in carrying out your duties and responsibilities. No one can wake up and sack you. Just continue to do the right thing and deliver service to Edo people. The governor didn’t give you the job, nor was it anyone that influenced your recruitment in the service, but your personal efforts and the help of God.”

The governor added: “I am one of those who believe that the remuneration and compensation paid to the public and civil servants are not enough. It is something we need to work on.”

“Before the end of my tenure, we will break away from the federal remuneration structure and look for a way to pay realistic wages to public and civil servants. If you are hiring the best into the service, as we are doing today, we must compete with other sectors. To do this, good wages must be paid to keep the best in the service.”

On his part, Edo State Head of Service, Anthony Okungbowa said, “the employment process is based on merit, as no one influenced the employment of those that were employed. The new employees are the best and I see quality in them. The state will benefit from these people.”


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