Nigeria Has Third Lowest Life Expectancy In The World

Nigeria has the world’s lowest life expectancy according to data published by the World Health Organisation on Wednesday.

According to the WHO, male life expectancy stands at 54.7 years while for female it is 55.7 years.

The report further said that some of the leading causes of death in the country include suicide, which reached 18,095 or 0.89 per cent of total deaths.

It said deaths caused by war in Nigeria reached 8,826 or 0.43 per cent of total deaths, while deaths by drowning peaked at 15,670 or 0.77 per cent of total deaths.

Other causes of deaths in Nigeria include drug use, which stands at 8,655 or 0.43 per cent of total deaths, violence at 17,843 or 0.88 per cent of total deaths and hypertension, accounting for 10,864 or 0.53 per cent of total deaths.

The age adjusted death rate is 14.79 per 100,000 of population and Nigeria ranks number 33 in the world.



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