Carol Burnett hands bartenders an “incredible card” with the precise recipe for her go-to drink

Just a week ago — in what certainly feels like a belated move — living legend  Carol Burnett imprinted her hands and feet in the ground outside the iconic TLC Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. While attending the ceremony, actress Laura Dern revealed a charming detail about Burnett: She actually presents bartenders with a little card that specifically outlines her precise cocktail order. “She has an incredible card that she gives to bartenders for the ‘Carol Burnett cosmopolitan,” Dern told PEOPLE,

“Carol gives it to all the bartenders,” producer Jayme Lemons noted. “It has a little caricature of herself.” 

According to the publication, Dern and Lemons were so inspired by the card, they created a nearly identical version featuring “an image of the star standing in front of the famed Hollywood attraction” instead of Burnett’s customary drink order. 

“Jayme and I are together, one virtually and one in person, and said, ‘we made up this card because you’ve inspired us so much as producers and everything you’ve done, and we love the card you’ve done for bartenders, so we wanted to give you one of our new cards,” Dern said. “She takes it, and she’s like, ‘Wait, what?’ And it was the card with her likeness.” 

Burnett supposedly then “burst into tears” after being told about the upcoming ceremony, which reportedly came together all in under two weeks.The storied “hand and footprint” ceremony was held last week in Hollywood. Along with Dern and Lemons, Dick Van Dyke and many other actors and Hollywood personalities were also in attendance, as well as family and friends. 


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