“I don’t have chlamydia by the way”: 50 Cent shocked at reaction to photo with Lauren Boebert

50 Cent is making waves on Capitol Hill. 

The Grammy-winning rapper stopped at the nation’s capital to advocate for Black entrepreneurs. The “In da Club” singer who owns his own liquor company, Sire Spirits and the lucrative Branson Cognac, wants more representation in the alcohol industry.

“My experience here has been great,” 50 Cent said on Wednesday. “I went to talk to them about economic opportunities for everybody, and it’s really exciting. The response I got makes me feel like that there’s bright days ahead of us.”

The rapper met with many different politicians on both sides of the aisle like Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker Mike Johnson and Rep. Lauren Boebert.

50 Cent posted a photo with Boebert, saying, “Lauren Boebert, Colorado Republican making the white house look good,” adding a winking emoji to the caption.

Boebert tweeted, “I’d still love you if you flipped burgers at Burger King @50Cent, I used to do that myself! Thanks for the photo, great to meet you.”

The photo was met with mixed reactions from 50 Cent’s fanbase who poked fun at Boebert’s past controversy of being kicked out of a musical last September for “causing a disturbance” for allegedly getting intimate during the show.

“Wait, wait, guys i took pictures with everyone and all you seem to care about is Lauren what did she do in a dark theater that hasn’t been done, my God,” the rapper said. “Hey I don’t have chlamydia by the way. LOL.”


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