Sorry, conservatives – Taylor Swift, Joe Biden and The Chiefs win the Super Bowl LVIII

Taylor Swift and her Chiefs tight-end boyfriend Travis Kelce are winning, and conservative tears and anger aren’t enough to stop the couple from relishing in the Chiefs’ historic consecutive Super Bowl win.

On Sunday evening, the Kansas City Chiefs played the San Francisco 49ers in a tense overtime game, the second such match in Super Bowl history. The Chiefs landed the win, becoming the first-ever team to win back-to-back Super Bowls in two decades. 

However, the game was not the only part of the event people were tuned into. Swift and Kelce’s relationship has been under intense scrutiny. Some fans had hoped that if Kelce clinched a win, he would propose to Swift. But others were observing as part of a larger conservative conspiracy theory that Swift and her boyfriend have a manufactured relationship, and that with a historic Super Bowl win, the couple’s liberal political beliefs would be irresistible to voters. That’s when the right speculates Swift will voice her endorsement of President Joe Biden in his bid for reelection, as she did for the 2020 election.

With the Chiefs’ win, Biden poked fun at the conspiracy theories and tweeted, “Just like we drew it up.”

During the game, Swift was posted up in a private viewing suite with friends like Blake Lively, Lana Del Rey and rapper Ice Spice, watching in suspense as the match was pushed into overtime. During the post-game trophy ceremony, cameras cut to a smiling Swift when Kelce took the stage to hype up the Chiefs fans, loudly singing “Viva Las Vegas.” Finally, the singer was reunited with Kelce with a hug, kiss and shower of confetti crowning the Cinderella moment. Swift kept repeating “Oh my god” and “unbelievable” to Kelce, while also covering her mouth to whisper in his ear. 


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