Trump adds to the mystery of those red spots on his hand — “Maybe it’s AI”

A photo taken of Donald Trump waving goodbye after leaving Trump Tower to appear in federal court two weeks ago is still the topic of conversation. In the photo, there appears to be open wounds on his right hand, resulting in speculation as to their cause — with gonorrhea, syphilis or a particularly energetic game of golf thrown out as possibilities. And while we’re no closer to a concrete answer, the former president himself has introduced yet another theory.

Exiting a meeting with the Teamsters union in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, Trump fielded a question from Fox News correspondent Mark Meredith regarding his hand and, at first, seemed to not know what he was talking about but, after clarification, he inspected both of them himself, offered them out to be seen by others, and then joked (maybe) that what we’d seen in the photo was produced by artificial intelligence. 

Watch that moment here:

As Mediaite points out in their coverage of the exchange, James Carville helped make #SyphilisDon a thing after weighing-in on the photo after it was taken, saying, “I’ve asked a number of MDS what medical condition manifests itself through hand sores, and the answer is immediate and unanimous: Secondary syphilis. All right. I think there’s a good chance this man has the clap, and I’m not being particularly secretive about it.”


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