As part of “Food is Medicine” summit, Biden administration will announce partnership with Instacart

During Wednesday’s bipartisan “Food is Medicine” summit, the Biden administration will announce three public-private partnerships to “promote healthier living.” 

According to The Hill’s, the White House will be partnering with Instacart, Feeding America and the Rockefeller Foundation. The summit is hosted by the The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in Washington, D.C, led by HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. In a release, the HHS said, “Food is a powerful tool for preventing and managing health conditions, and HHS’s ‘Food is Medicine’ summit will examine the broad range of approaches that promote health … through nutritious food.”

The Rockefeller Foundation is going to collaborate with the HHS “to identify how food-based programs can lead to better health outcomes in marganizlied communites.” Feeding America and the Biden administration will work together to provide further food bank access while “Insatcart will use its advocacy to expand access to healthy food.” This comes on the heels of Congress allotting funds for the department’s “Food is Medicine” effort, created in order to “develop a federal strategy to reduce nutrition-related chronic illnesses.” 


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