All About King Cid, Ice Spice’s Rumored Boyfriend

It appears that New York’s reigning princess of rap, Ice Spice, may have found herself a boo. When speaking with the Los Angeles Times back in October 2023, Spice, whose real name is Isis Naija Gaston, revealed that she’s in a relationship. She didn’t give any insight on her partner, adding that she wants her fans to “keep their focus on what [she’s] here for, which is music.”

But when YouTuber Kid Cid posted some photos with the Munch rapper, the internet was quick to speculate that they are an item. While neither of them have spoken on their status just yet, ahead is everything we know about Cid and his relationship with Spice.

Cid posted photos with Spice on his Instagram.

On Jan. 14, 2024, Cid posted a series of photos to Instagram, which included Spice in the carousel. One photo shows Cid touching her hip while she’s talking to him, and in another they are hugging. Those pics sparked dating rumors.

Cid is an influencer.

Cid has accumulated 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 2.94 million subscribers on YouTube, where he posts primarily comedy and prank videos. Details of how he met Spice remain unknown.

Cid is 23 years old.

Cid is a Virgo born on Aug. 26, 2000. Twenty-four-year-old Spice is a New Year’s baby, making her a Capricorn. Astrologically speaking, they make a great pair because they are both “pragmatic Earth signs who strike a perfect balance between sensible and sensual, the AstroTwins wrote for

“You bring out the best in one another,” they added. “Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the communication planet. A natural psychologist and articulate speaker, this sign likes to talk everything out. Stoic Capricorn is ruled by stern, repressed Saturn, and struggles to voice his feelings. Capricorn benefits from Virgo’s ability to draw him out of dark thoughts. When Virgo’s anxieties take hold, practical Capricorn brings a helpful dose of perspective.”

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