“Saturday Night Live” pokes at Stanley craze in “Big Dumb Cups” sketch

In a perfect follow-up to the popular 2023 sketch, “Big Dumb Hat,” host Dakota Johnson joined “Saturday Night Live” cast members Chloe Fineman and Heidi Gardner this weekend to poke at the Stanley cup craze with “Big Dumb Cups,” a hilarious riff on women between the ages of 12 and 70 who go to Target every damn day and are physically or at least spiritually blond.

Mixed in with the refrain, “Hey, mama,” the three women — still wearing their big dumb hats — sing the praises of their insulated cups with built-in straws, as Johnson’s morphs to the size of a Fiat.

“It’s more than just a cup,” Gardner says. “It’s a big cup.”

“Is there a void in your life? Fill it with cup,” Fineman adds.

Commenting on the violence that has ensued in stores over women defying safety and reason to obtain these cups, the sketch makes mention of how special attention needs to be made in order to clean them properly, especially their straws. I personally learned this lesson on cleaning reusable straws the hard way when, after offering guests cocktails in mason jars with metal straws not too long ago, I had to lie and say that the green flecks emerging in their drinks was spirulina when it was, in fact, chunks of mold.

Watch “Big Dumb Cups” here:


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