The 13 Best Shampoos for Dry Scalp to Help Fight Flakes

In our book, Japanese beauty products are often a cut above the rest, including this gentle yet powerful rinse from Naturelab. Tokyo. Inspired by ancient Japanese beauty rituals and natural ingredients, this silky formula contains probiotic-rich sake water, nourishing rice water, and anti-inflammatory ginseng extract to thoroughly cleanse, hydrate, and calm the scalp. “I flip between protective styles each month, which doesn’t leave much breathing room for my scalp or hair; however, this scalp rinse is the sigh of relief my hair has been yearning for,” says Nerisha Penrose, beauty commerce editor. “It imparts hydration and breaks down all the oil and leave-in cream I pack onto my hair throughout the month. I’m left with a fresh and clear scalp, and a healthier hair care routine for future styles.”

For the best results, apply the rinse pre-shampoo directly to the scalp on dry or damp hair, massage it in, then leave it on for one to two minutes before washing it out.

Key ingredients: Sake water, rice water, ginseng extract

Hair type: All

Size: 6.7 fl. oz.

An Amazon reviewer says: “I have super thick hair and always feel like I have to use a TON of product to get soap, conditioner, and scalp treatments through it and onto my scalp. This applicator is a game-changer! Literally save so much product because I can get it right to my scalp and rub it in; it is so easy! It does create an interesting cooling sensation on your scalp, too!”


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