Love Is Blind Season 6: Everything We Know So Far

Ever since the fifth season of Love Is Blind hit Netflix in September, it has served up some serious drama. From juicy love triangles and shocking prior relationships to incredibly awkward vacations and confusing fashion choices, fans couldn’t stop talking about the latest chapter of the reality dating show.

But is the series coming back for yet another season? Here’s what we know so far about Love Is Blind season 6.

Has Netflix renewed Love Is Blind for season 6?

Netflix hasn’t officially announced a sixth season of Love Is Blind, but it seems highly likely that the popular reality show will be coming back.

In March 2022, Netflix renewed the series for seasons 4 and 5, both of which have now aired. Season 4’s popularity was evident when the show was streamed for 1.2 billion viewing minutes between April 17 and 23, 2023, hitting number 2 on Nielsen’s Streaming Top 10 list, per Variety. The season 5 streaming numbers have not yet gone public, but given the series’ wide popularity, a season 6 renewal is probably imminent.

When will season 6 of Love Is Blind air?

Since there’s no official renewal news from Netflix as yet, it’s currently unclear when a sixth season of Love Is Blind might air.

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Looking back at previous seasons of the reality show may offer some clues. While season 3 dropped on Netflix in October 2022, season 4 arrived in March 2023. Season 5, of course, premiered in September 2023. Could Netflix follow a similar release schedule and give us season 6 in the spring of 2024?

Where will future seasons take place?

While Netflix has yet to officially renew Love Is Blind for a sixth season, the show has been actively casting for new contestants via its production company, Kinetic Content. A casting call posted in September 2022 encouraged applicants from Charlotte, North Carolina, Washington, D.C., Tampa, Florida, and Detroit, Michigan to apply. Yet another casting call was posted in March 2023, this time asking people to apply if they lived in Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Minnesota and Denver, Colorado. Another call-out from Kinetic Content, posted in August 2023, added Phoenix, Arizona and Nashville, Tennessee to the list.

This could suggest that as many as eight further seasons of Love Is Blind could already be in production, which is potentially good news for fans of the show. Of course, it’s unclear whether production will actually move forward with filming in all of the cities mentioned.

One Redditor even theorized that the sixth season of Love Is Blind had already been filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Who will appear on the next season of Love Is Blind?

Kinetic Content appears to be actively casting for future seasons of the show, meaning that just about anybody could apply to be a contestant. Industry publication Backstage shared details of the Love Is Blind application process, which starts out with an online application form. If you’re ready to take the plunge and look for love in the pods, now is the time to apply.

As for who they’re hoping to cast on the show, Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen told Entertainment Weekly, “We want a big enough diversity of people, so we tend to go for bigger metropolitan areas just because you find more people there.”

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Coelen also revealed that he was toying with the idea of producing a queer version of the series in the future. “Sure, I’d love to,” he told the publication. “But you have to think about the logistics of a show. You don’t want it to be knee-jerk.” He continued, “In the straight version of Love Is Blind, you’ve got all the men here and all the women there. Now imagine it was an entirely queer cast. You wouldn’t produce it the same way. You couldn’t. Everyone would need to be isolated.”

For now, at least, we’ll simply have to await Netflix’s official announcement regarding the future of Love Is Blind.

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