Clip of Tommy Tuberville falling down stairs elicits reminders of all the times he mocked Biden

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Al., has been metaphorically summoned by the karma police after a clip of him falling down some airplane stairs calls to memory the many times he mocked President Biden for his own ambulatory accidents.

Tuberville’s tumble took place on Wednesday while exiting the aircraft, at which point he appears to have lost his footing, causing him to slide down quite a distance, losing his grip on the luggage he’d been grasping in each hand as he made his way down.

As Newsweek points out in their coverage of this clip, Tuberville yucked it up with reporters back in July over Biden experiencing a similar difficulty, saying, “You watch Joe Biden over in Europe. I mean, I’m afraid he’s going to fall down every time I turn on television.” And it seems as though Biden’s supporters took today’s opportunity to draw some comparisons and offer some reminders.

“Queen Karma paid Tommy Tuberville a visit. Stay as long as you like, ma’am,” left-wing blogger Brooklyn Dad tweeted.

“He’s not leaving anything for the Saturday Night Live writers,” commented another person in response to the widely circulated clip, which can be seen below. 


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