“Jesus!”: Judge explodes at Trump lawyer for trying to “waste time” during questioning

The New York judge presiding over Donald Trump’s civil fraud case lost his cool with the former president’s legal team as they tried to employ their typical delay tactics while questioning a witness during Wednesday’s trial. According to Daily Beast reporter Jose Pagliery, after Trump lawyer Jesus Suarez repeatedly asked longtime Trump accountant Donald Bender lengthy questions about specifics from 2020 to 2011, New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron exclaimed, “Jesus!”

In response, other Trump attorneys argued they have to repeat the questions for each year because the case depends on a statute of limitations. Engoron, however, countered that he didn’t care, accusing the defense of wasting time and instructing them to ask if answers for all years are the same. Tensions continued to rise as Suarez persisted, asking separate questions about 2013 actions for individual Trump properties. “Counselor, can we lump this all together against using the same principles?” the judge asked. Though Suarez agreed, he continued to draw out the questioning. “I don’t talk just to hear myself. I’m precluding you from doing this,” Engoron said.

“You’re not allowed to waste time. That is what this is becoming,” Engoron added, raising his voice as Suarez continued. Fellow Trump attorney Chris Kise later jumped in twice to assure the judge they would do their best to streamline, but each time Engoron responded, “Doesn’t seem like that yet!” After the latter instance, Engoron reiterated that it was pointless to go through each line, but Kise questioned him in a condescending tone, asserting that “it makes a poor record, frankly” and foreshadowing an appellate court fight that will attempt to nullify the three-month trial. Despite the tense exchange between the judge and Kise, Suarez continued to belabor the process. “I have a thick skin, but it’s really being pierced here,” Engoron said. 


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