New York state appellate judge presses pause on dissolution of the Trump Organization

In a ruling on Friday, Associate Justice Peter H. Moulton temporarily paused the September 26 summary judgment decision by New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron that set in motion a receivership process and the dissolution of the Trump Organization and related entities, according to The Washington Post. Per the outlet’s reporting, “Trump lawyer Christopher Kise argued at an emergency hearing at the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division’s First Department that several entities not named in the lawsuit were ordered dissolved and that it was unconstitutional.” 

“We are very pleased the First Department upheld New York law and put a halt to any cancellation of business certificates, receivers or dissolution,” Kise said in a statement regarding the ruling. “The trial court’s attempt to reach issues, entities and assets beyond the scope of this case has been suspended.”

Stepping in front of any claims of victory from Trump, New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a statement of her own after the court arguments, saying, “Unsurprisingly, [Trump] is twisting this ruling and falsely claiming victory for a resolution we proposed.” 

That being said, Trump did share the sentiments of a supporter whose social handle is @DC_Draino to Truth Social, which called the ruling “humiliating” for James.


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