18 Best Anti-Aging Serums for Tighter, Brighter, and Firmer Skin

Although having only debuted this summer, emerging skincare brand Sweet Chemistry is one I already have my eye on. Created by former L’Oreal cosmetic chemist Alec Batis in partnership with Dr. John O’Neill, a biomedical engineer and regenerative medicine expert, the label harnesses a proprietary ingredient, originally developed to heal organs, to help reverse skin damage and rejuvenate the complexion. “Our Reparative Oil-Serum Infusion is a lightweight yet deeply absorbing blend of nourishing organic oils, dermatological actives, and patent-pending Matrikynes Regenerative Bone Peptides formulated to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress,” says Batis. “Extracted from the extracellular matrix of upcycled cow bone, these naturally-derived peptides have superior bioavailability compared to synthetic [peptides], and are clinically proven to support tissue regeneration and promote healthy, resilient skin. Independent clinical studies showed statistically significant improvements in barrier function, barrier repair, density, hydration, hyperpigmentation, and global fine lines and wrinkles within four to six weeks of consistent use,” he adds.

Also notable: the serum is made with certified organic oils, 40 to 45 percent active ingredients and 30 percent less water, and without any allergenic botanicals. Additionally, it comes in a cutting-edge airless glass bottle to help preserve its potency from start to finish.

Key ingredients: Matrikynes Regenerative Bone Peptides, THD ascorbate, squalane, Coenzyme q10

Skin type: All

Size: 1 oz.


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