Meet the Coach Bag That Helps This Editor Stay Organized

Like all professionals, Jade Vallario balances work at home with work at the office and aims to look chic while doing it all. Though given her fashionable title—accessories and jewelry editor—Jade may do it with a little more flair. And her Coach Pillow Tabby bag in turquoise is just as much of a multitasker.

In this video, above, Jade shares an insider look at how she and the Tabby pull it all off in her signature style.

Jade begins her morning coordinating her outfit. It’s one that seamlessly transitions from her personal duties to the office and market appointments. She opts for a Coach pink gingham baby-doll dress, accessorized with soft, luxe sheer black tights, ivory loafers, and her turquoise Pillow Tabby bag. In it, she carries all of her essentials—makeup to help her look well rested, a photo of her and her husband in Belgium, a phone charger, and bubbles from her friend’s wedding.

As her day begins, she dons her go-to accessory for a morning stroll with her adorable baby. Next, she heads out on back-to-back fine jewelry market appointments to source new pieces for forthcoming ELLE issues and trend reports. Then it’s back to the office for lunch and editorial requests.

Jade seeks out pieces that fit who she is today and what she desires for the future. She says of the Tabby: “It’s functional and laid-back but also pillowy, light, and fun.” Its versatility also makes it timeless.

Watch as Jade takes us through one of her days.

Headshot of Jaclyn Palermo

Jaclyn Palermo is a Fashion Editor with the Hearst Fashion Group, specializing in accessories. Standing under 5 feet, she’s never afraid to make a big fashion statement, preferably at an art opening, and is always on the hunt for the perfect vintage home find in Brooklyn. Follow her on Instagram@j_palermo.


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