Jennifer Fisher’s My Scent Fragrance Sold Out in Two Hours—But It’s Back

Safe to say pretty much anything Jennifer Fisher touches turns to gold—and not just because she literally makes jewelry. The designer behind celebs’ most-loved hoop earrings (Lizzo Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez are just a few who have been seen wearing Jennifer Fisher), got into the perfume business in April last year with the debut fragrance, My Scent, which sold out in just two hours. Lucky for everyone who missed out, the fragrance is about to be restocked and you can nab it yourself, and I’d advise sooner rather than later, just in case.

Jennifer Fisher MY SCENT


Jennifer Fisher MY SCENT

What’s so good about My Scent? Basically, the scent: It’s a blend of essential oils with musky notes, hints of vanilla, Australian sandalwood, tonka bean, pear, and coconut. Pretty much the perfect mix of everything, born out of necessity when Fisher couldn’t find the perfect perfume. Fisher describes My Scent as “my memories and mood in a bottle,” according to her press release. “It is the scented armor you will crave daily.”

I have to say, it’s perfect to wear from day to night. It comes in a 10mL rollerball glass bottle that is compact enough to travel or bring along for a night out—how convenient is that? Take a look at this beauty, which is available for preorder now on the Jennifer Fisher website for $65 (preorders are expected to ship out as soon as November 16).

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And, while you’re shopping, you may as well get yourself a few other goodies, because it’s a treat yourself kind of day, right?

Remember how I said everything she touches turns to gold? I think you might be getting why now. Anyway, did I mention she also has a shoe collaboration coming out on December 1? You may want to add a reminder to your calendar.


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