How to Keep Up With The Last Thing He Told Me

Over 15 years after Alias last graced our screens, Jennifer Garner has a new undertaking on television: she’s starring in and producing The Last Thing He Told Me on Apple TV+, based on Laura Dave’s bestseller of the same name.

The drama/thriller follows a woman named Hannah (Garner), whose charming and well-loved husband (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) suddenly vanishes, leaving behind mysterious notes to both her and her stepdaughter Bailey (Angourie Rice). As they try to put together the clues behind his disappearance, the stepmother-daughter pair unravel difficult truths while transforming their strained relationship into a deep bond.

“Part of what’s so incredible about the book, and hopefully [what] you find true about the series, is that you really are watching a thriller unfold as you are watching a love story between what will become a mother and daughter,” Garner told “And at the same time, you have a romance just torn asunder by circumstance, and you have a woman who’s trying to figure out, ‘Do I know my partner? Has he been lying to me? What do I know? What do I not know?’”

Here’s how to follow along as the mystery unfolds.

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When do new episodes come out?

The first two episodes are already streaming on Apple TV+ as of April 14. A new episode follows each Friday through May 19.

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How many episodes are there?

The Last Thing He Told Me consists of seven episodes. It’s classified as a limited series, so the seventh chapter is intended to be the last one—unless Apple TV+ and the producers decide to expand the story.

  • Episode 1, “Protect Her”: April 14 Watch Now
  • Episode 2, “The Day After”: April 14 Watch Now
  • Episode 3, “Keep Austin Weird”: April 21
  • Episode 4: April 28
  • Episode 5: May 5
  • Episode 6: May 12
  • Episode 7: May 19
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