27,000 Amazon Reviewers Swear By These Reusable Nipple Covers

We don’t have the exact number, but we’re pretty confident in saying that three years into the “new normal,” most of us are avoiding underwire bras at all costs. As the world shifted into a more prominent work-from-home culture, uncomfortable, tight undergarments lost their power over us.

The trend of dressing more comfortably has led to increased popularity of that coveted bra-free look. And people are achieving this by turning to strapless bras, skin-tone bralettes, and the ever-popular nipple covers.

Nippies Nipple Cover

Nipple Cover

Nippies Nipple Cover

There’s one name dominating that last category; Nippies have tons of popular Amazon listings—from adhesive pasties perfect for music festivals to fashion tape that helps you craft a lifted look without a bra. But their most beloved flagship products, the Reusable Nipple Covers, are the true talk of the town, with over 27,000 reviews on Amazon.

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Editors have loved Nippies for years. In a recent search to find the best sticky bras of all time, these picks made the top of the list. Our reviewers said they lasted all day—even in 80-degree weather—and reported that they came off without much fanfare, despite their incredible adhesion. One Amazon reviewer said she wore the product upwards of 300 times before the adhesive began to fade.

All three testers who recently tried Nippies noted that they fit well on all three different chest sizes, 32AA, 34D, and 36D. The covers are available in “small” and “large,” and Amazon customers say that the large size works for DD cups and beyond.

Because one of the biggest goals for nipple covers is getting that bra-less look without lines or color peeking through, we also looked into Amazon reviews about visibility. One helpful buyer wrote, “There is a faint outline of the Nippies under tight, thin fabric, however, much less than there would be with a regular bra! There is virtually no silhouette or outline when wearing thicker fabrics (even if the garment is tight).”

Shop Nippies on Amazon or read more of the helpful, honest reviews if you’re still on the fence.

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