Olivia Wilde Is Reportedly Having a Difficult Time With Harry Styles Break Up

Last week, it was reported that director Olivia Wilde and musical artist Harry Styles were on a break from their relationship after nearly two years together. Styles has begun his international tour, while Wilde has responsibilities in the U.K. and Los Angeles and around her two children, Daisy and Otis, who she shares with her ex, Jason Sudeikis.

A source told People that it has been difficult for the 38-year-old director to go through.

“The break has been difficult for Olivia,” they claimed. “They have had some issues, but Olivia thought they were gonna work through it all. She is disappointed. It’s just a tricky situation, though.”

The former couple were spotted together as recently as November 15, when Wilde was seen at Styles’ concert in Los Angeles with her kids, dancing to the music together. In recent months, there has been quite a bit of drama around their relationship, as rumors circulated about conflict on the set of Wilde’s film Don’t Worry Darling. Styles starred as the male protagonist, alongside actress Florence Pugh. It was alleged that Pugh and Wilde butted heads throughout production, and there was tension at the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

“The public pressure on them has been difficult,” said an insider close to the situation. “They’ve had ups and downs throughout the relationship.”

An other insider said last week that they made a “very amicable decision” to pause their relationships because Styles is “still touring and is now going abroad.”

They added that they “have different priorities that are keeping them apart.”

In September, Wilde told Vanity Fair that she prefers to keep her romantic relationships private, saying, “I think once you crack open the window, you can’t then be mad when mosquitos come in.”


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