Kate Hudson Shares Her Top Winter Beauty Tips and Favorite Products for Glowy Skin

The holidays approach, and there’s plenty on our minds: Which parties to attend, coordinating travel to see friends and family, entertaining at home—and for me, it’s often packing, unpacking, and re-packing my bags (admittedly, my favorite beauty and skincare products don’t always make it in there)—for all kinds of festive adventures.

But truly—can a winter skincare routine stick? Is there really a good way to keep things up during the holiday hustle and bustle, or are our good habits (my moisturizer for sensitive skin, hydration routine, you name it) destined to be tossed out the window when other things take priority?

When it comes to winter skincare (and self care), I immediately thought of Kate Hudson, whose multiple wellness-focused brands—like INBLOOM and Fabletics—decades-long career in T.V. and film, and time spent traveling to New York and L.A. (with dazzling skin nonetheless!) make her a pro. Sitting across from me on the couch in her bright red Fabletics TrinityMotion365 leggings and a fuzzy coat, Kate Hudson radiated joy and calm—anything but the fatigue we all face as the holidays roll in—and revealed her very best beauty and skincare tips and tricks.

It’s no secret that your beauty routine should start from within—so let’s begin there.

The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star swears by extra-virgin olive oil—which you can get at any grocery store—and not just in the ways you might think. “For me, ya just drink it. Tablespoon, any kind of extra virgin olive oil. Even when I’m cooking, I know this sounds crazy, but I’ll put olive oil on my hands and I’ll use it and I’ll just wipe that on my face, and people are like? But you’re supposed to eat it, and I’m like no, it goes everywhere. It feels amazing. Just try it. Just put it on your skin and you’ll be like omg! You have all of these face oils and things…olive oil on your skin is amazing.”

She’s all about gut health too. Eating fermented foods can help bolster the gut microbiome, and fermented foods can play a role in supporting digestive health and restoring the balance of bacteria in your gut. “[I focus on] Gut health, gut health, gut health. Fermented foods! I eat fermented food every day…sauerkraut…kimchi,” she reveals.

During the holidays especially, checking in with yourself is crucial for your mental health—which leads to the next step in Hudson’s routine: “For me [any time], the check-in and the meditation are important—when you get still, and quiet with yourself for just a few minutes…are you tired, does your body feel stagnant? Where are you holding? And that’s to me where INBLOOM comes in. When I am going to be more active, I feel like I need more energy or better recovery, I take the Green Protein Chocolate ($59) or Green Protein Vanilla ($59). I also love taking the Beauty Aura powder ($55) every day. It’s my main beauty product. My skin, everything, is better when I’m taking that, when it comes to the inside out of it all.”

Hudson also noted her number one tip for “beauty from the inside”—less a secret, more a rule of thumb: drink more water! “For me it’s water. It’s free. Honestly. If you are more hydrated, you won’t feel so dry. It’s all inside out for me.” If you need an hourly reminder, Prevention recommends these motivational water bottles to keep you hydrated all day long.

Now for beauty from the outside. What are Kate Hudson’s top beauty products?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Hudson is open about the fact that she prefers to seek out products that favor natural ingredients, but that it’s not always possible: “I just don’t like synthetic things on my face or in my body. That said, some of these things on my list are not considered “clean,” but when I need it—like when I’m in Aspen—I need it. I’ll put the La Mer Moisturizing Cream ($200) everywhere.

“The other brand I’m loving is [Leaping Bunny-Certified] Symbiome. That product line is dreamy to me.” (Some of the brand’s top products include The One ($125) restorative gel cream, The Answer ($200) reparative serum, and The Renewal ($60) daily cleanser). The brand shares of its products, “We create minimalist skincare with maximalist results. We leverage our proprietary microbiome research—powered by sustainable and highly potent ingredients—to develop products that naturally promote the clarity, vibrance, and resilience of our skin.”

She continues, “I also like the Laneige Lip Mask ($24)—you know the one. And…I’m not supposed to like sheet masks, they are terrible for the environment, but I live for a sheet mask. I like the SK-II sheet masks ($15)!”

So there you have it, Kate Hudson’s winter skincare routine. You know what we’ll be adding to our carts ASAP. Wishing you all a happy, healthy, restful season (and more to come on the sweet ways she likes to enjoy the holidays!)


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