Amazon Reviewers Swear This Is The $10 Dupe For Hailey Bieber’s Glazed Donut Nails

Though I never thought there’d be a beauty trend that would make people actually want to resemble a glazed donut, Hailey Bieber has turned me (and everyone else on the internet) into a Belieber—sorry, I had to. In case you didn’t get the memo, Hailey has been rocking a seriously glossy manicure that has been going viral. It’s subtle. It’s chic. It’s—dare I type it?—downright confectionary.

The good news is you don’t have to enlist an A-List nail technician, manicurist, or the priciest materials to get the look. Thanks to Born Pretty’s Chrome Powder from Amazon, you can recreate the trend at home for $10.

Born Pretty Chrome Powder

Chrome Powder

Born Pretty Chrome Powder

Now 29% Off

The magic behind the glazed donut look is a coat of chrome powder. Simply apply your base coat as normal, add the special powder, finish off with a top coat, and wait for everything to dry. Yes, it’s that easy. Not only is Born Pretty’s powder long-lasting and non-toxic, but the powders go on super smoothly—making it the perfect dupe for the OPI formula Baldwin uses. But, they also come in nine gorgeous colors. Translation? You can bring the glazed look to virtually every manicure.

The base coat Hailey uses alone costs nearly $20; however, you can currently snag Born Pretty’s set of nine nail powders for as little as $10. Since a little goes a long way, you’ll get some serious bang for your buck—not to mention, this powder works with the polish that’s already hiding in your medicine cabinet. Now that’s two (glazed) thumbs up for this deal.


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