Hailey and Justin Bieber Showed Off Their Abs in Matching Vacation Looks

Justin and Hailey Bieber embraced summer style on their recent trip to Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, coordinating in very bright bottoms, bucket hats, and matching sunglasses. Hailey paired her white bikini with orange pants and a mint green bucket hat. She wore white slides and accessorized with hoop earrings.

Justin, meanwhile, was shirtless with his tattoos on display. He wore a turquoise bucket hat, neon yellow shorts, and white socks with sneakers. The looks together were very ’90s celebrity couple:

justin bieber and hailey bieber at the beach


Hailey and Justin spoke in November about how they privately overcame his tougher mental health struggles early in their marriage. It was one of their rare joint interviews on the subject.

“I think it was just time that healed things, just us showing up for each other every day, being consistent, me seeing that she wasn’t going anywhere,” Justin said. “I think I had a lot of, like, rejection issues that I had to just fight through, but just her just continuously showing up every day and being there for me. And I just kept seeing that over and over and over. And I just became more secure, and more secure with where we were at in our relationship.”

“I think neither of us were going to be the person to say, ‘I quit,’” Hailey added. “Neither of us were going to be the one to walk away from the situation. Because we were just both like, ‘Hey, we chose to fight for this, so we’re gonna keep fighting past whatever we need to.’”

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