Gigi Hadid Struts the Miu Miu Runway With Hangover Hair

Do you remember your hair at the end of finals week in high school? Or the hair that your favorite bodega person sees on a weekly basis? Or perhaps it was just last week when you ventured outside to grab a bagel during NYC’s hurricane?

Somewhere, somehow, Miu Miu saw your hair, put it on the inspiration board and added it to the runway for their Spring Summer 2024 show.

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After a full Fashion Month of very glamorous hair including the big hair bouffants at Schiaparelli, the sleek French twists at Dior, and pretty beach waves at Chanel, Miu Miu gave us greasy, oily, hangover hair and honestly, it was nice to feel seen. “It was greasy, stringy hair, I loved it,” a friend texted me after the show. From runway photos, the hair looked oily (not shiny), matted (not artfully tousled), clumpy (not as cute as Taylor Swift’s wet hair during the Eras tour), like the hairstylists played a game of “hide the dry shampoo” backstage.

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The amount of dishevelment varied. From the neck up, Gigi Hadid looked like she was walking home after cramming for an all nighter at the library, paired with sequin board shorts and thick glasses. Model Rianne Van Rompaey’s hair was so lank and ropey, drawn into a low pony, that it reminded me of my hair at the end of any hike where I’ve ever gotten lost. It’s a slight departure from the staticky cloud hair of last season, in which the models looked like their heads were rubbed with helium balloons (and it turns out they were, to get the effect.) I probably don’t need to know how to get the Miu Miu hair look, but I’d love to know about the inspiration.

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