Fox News hosts sparks outrage after comparing teachers to the “KKK with summers off”

A co-host of Fox News’ The Five is facing deep criticism for her recent rant comparing the largest teachers union in the United States to the Ku Klux Klan.

During a recent segment of the show, Fox News’ Jesse Waters and other co-hosts discussed a new published on Wednesday about the National Education Association’s (NEA) latest proposal to “substitute the term “birthing parent” for the word “mother” in order to be “inclusive,'” according to The Daily Beast.

Although the association’s members have not voted on the proposal, the Fox News headline displayed on the screen declared the proposal to be “woke insanity.” That’s when Waters weighed in.

“You don’t change the English language to cater to 1 percent of the population, all right?” Watters said. “These people live in a very small fraction of this country, and I’m fine with it. It’s a free country. Do your thing. But that 1 percent has to accept that the whole rest of the country doesn’t do that thing. And they have to have a little humility and kind of jive with it.”


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