The Viral Sol de Janeiro Butter That Braved Aspen Weather

Call it the weariness from early Spring showers or just the cozy camaraderie I share with my coworkers, I found myself in the middle of our cubicles confessing a beauty secret akin to a pope stepping into a confessional to divulge his sins. As the words slipped from my lips, there was an audible gasp from my team: “Sometimes,” I started, the cadence in my voice tapering to a soft murmur, “I skip moisturizing my body after a shower.” Things I actually like doing post-shower: thoroughly hitting every step in my skincare routine, diligently flossing, brushing, and oil-pulling my teeth, and laying down in my plush Barefoot Dreams robe until I’m too tired to do anything else.

It’s not that I dislike moisturizing my body after a shower; as someone who tests products for a living and has sensitive, acneic skin (we’re talking back, chest, and arm acne), I’m always weary of adding a new body lotion or butter to my routine in fear of it triggering a new crop of breakouts. So, I typically save my more fragrant formulas for going out and resort to drugstore staples for their nourishing, soothing, and hydrating properties. However, a recent trip to Aspen became a turning point in my body care routine. My body engaged in a tug-of-moisture between Colorado’s biting mountain chill and sweat trapped under layers of ski gear following a series of embarrassing tumbles down the slopes. As a result, Apres-ski looked more like indulgence and rejuvenation than sipping on a hot toddy or Aperol spritz. Sore and depleted with the driest skin, my skin craved solace and found a savior in an unexpected source: a TikTok-viral Sol de Janeiro body butter resting on the bathroom vanity of my hotel room.

If the groundhog seeing its shadows marks the onset of an early spring, a new Sol de Janeiro launch signals that summer is fast-approaching. Summer doesn’t start until Sol de Janeiro says so, and its army of firming, brightening, and corrective formulas usher in the buttery-smooth, plump summer skin we desire. However, as we anticipate the impending sunkissed days and balmy nights, Delicia Drench, Sol de Janeiro’s latest addition to the body butter lineage, is a welcome reminder that winter bodies matter, too.

Sol de Janeiro’s body butters evoke a sense of peace and, well, FOMO that instantly transport you to a sunny oasis reminiscent of the South American treasure it’s named after. For me, this particular body butter exists somewhere else. Delicia Drench’s story is not one of sandy beaches and hearty tropical notes but one anchored in the ease of comfort and relaxation. Each application is cherished, unrushed by the need to finish, and slow and deliberate to ensure all its benefits seep deep into the skin’s layers. And you can’t really rush because its thicc formula takes a little effort to rub in, but the subtle sheen and renewed smoothness at the end make it all worth it. “Delicia Drench Body Butter deeply moisturizes while replenishing the skin’s barrier, so it’s great for dry or extra-dry skin, whether you have that condition all the time or seasonally,” says Heather Forcari, director of global education at Sol de Janeiro.

Designed for barrier support and nourishment, Delicia Drench builds a strong defense against dryness via Bacuri butter, which blankets the skin with fatty acids and locks in moisture, as well as a soothing complex made of copaiba resin and passionflower seed oil to relieve stressed skin. Even further, prebiotic hibiscus adds another layer of support to the skin’s natural microbiome, while hyaluronic acid provides hydration.

It turns out that dry skin isn’t an Aspen problem, but it is one that many expressed during Sol de Janeiro’s clinical trials. “Depending on the study, around 50% of people report having dry skin. In addition to those with a dry skin type, many people experience seasonal dry skin during winter. With Delicia Drench Body Butter, we wanted to solve the concerns of dry or extra dry skin, such as a damaged skin barrier, moisture retention, nourishing the skin’s microbiome, and calming stressed skin,” Forcari adds.

As the skin is comforted with replenishing and reparative ingredients, it’s also treated to an uplifting, warm scent that defines Sol de Janeiro offerings. Anchored by sandalwood and amber, Delicia Drench dances with highs of vanilla and sugary florals that only deepen the sensory experience and set the stage for scent layering with its accompanying Cheirosa 59 fragrance mist or similar notes. Throughout the Aspen trip, Delicia Drench replaced all oils and butters in my moisture routine, the claw marks etched into the butter serving as proof of its efficacy. Beyond the Aspen mountains, my love affair with the Sol de Janeiro body butter continued, serving as a fragrant memento of an unforgettable Aspen escapade and a steadfast companion in my daily body care collection. Apparently, the trick to maintaining a consistent moisture routine is finding a moisturizer you love that condenses your most treasured formulas into a multitasking salve that wards off dryness and imparts radiance in one go. With Delicia Drench, I’ve found mine.

How to Find the Right Sol de Janeiro Butter For You

Beija Flor Collagen-Boosting Elasti-Cream

Sol de Janeiro Beija Flor Collagen-Boosting Elasti-Cream
Credit: Amazon

Who’s it for: All skin types, especially those looking to plump and visibly smooth the skin.

Key ingredients: Cacay oil, squalane, collagen

Beija Flor Elasti-Cream has an intoxicating scent that smells light and airy but packs a powerful punch—and its fragrance isn’t the only thing worthy of praise. Inside the gorgeous pink jar is a formula designed to smooth texture, courtesy of Cacay oil, a natural retinol alternative. “With high-performing ingredients like Cacay oil, a gentle retinol alternative, and plant collagen for resilient, soft skin, it lets me treat my body skin with the same attention I give my facial skin. It’s scented with Cheirosa 68—a fruity floral with a freshness that makes me feel like I’m sitting in a tropical flower garden next to the ocean,” says Heather Forcari, director of global education at Sol de Janeiro.

Bom Dia Bright Visibly Brightening and Smoothing Body Cream

Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Visibly Brightening and Smoothing Body Cream

Who’s it for: All skin types, especially those looking for gentle exfoliation

Key ingredients: Vitamin C, AHAs, Cupuaçu butter

Exfoliating every now and then can reveal brighter, smoother skin—and reverse strawberry legs, scaly texture, and dark marks. Bom Dia is as bright as the morning, indeed, and envelopes the skin with a warm, fruity floral scent. “This makes my skin look brighter and feel smoother. It visibly brightens while helping to even skin tone and minimize the appearance of dark spots with vitamin C. Naturally sourced AHAs and BHAs accelerate cell turnover, help keep pores clear, and fight ingrown hairs. Not only do you get this highly effective formula, but it’s also scented with the warm floral scent of Cheirosa 40, which is both delicate and sophisticated,” Forcari shares.

Brazilian Bum Bum Visibly Firming Refillable Body Cream

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Visibly Firming Refillable Body Cream
Credit: Courtesy

Who’s it for: All skin types, especially those looking to plump and visibly smooth skin.

Key ingredients: Cacay oil, squalane, collagen

“It makes my skin look visibly smooth and radiant. When you combine its effectiveness with the irresistible scent of Cheirosa ’62 fragrance with delicious notes of pistachio, salted caramel, and vanilla, it makes me feel body confident all day,” Forcari adds. The OG of the family, the Bum Bum cream is a bestseller for many reasons, especially its firming properties. With guarana extract (caffeine), coconut oil, and Cupuaçu butter, this cream helps to tighten and refine the skin to improve texture and overlook look.


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