Nigeria Is An Islamic State By Bayo Oluwasanmi

The majority of Nigerians believe Nigeria is a secular country with no official religion. But often, religion has been used as grounds for discrimination and as weapons of division and hate. Nigeria is a country of many religions. However, the 1999 Constitution does not regard Nigeria as a secular state. According to the 1999 Constitution, Nigeria is an Islamic state.

In the 1999 Constitution:

1. Sharia is mentioned 73 times.

2. Islam is mentioned 28 times.

3. Grand Khadi is mentioned 54 times.

4. Muslim is mentioned 10 times.

5. There’s no single mention of Christ.

6. No single mention of Christianity.

7. No single mention of church.

The feudal jihadists have not been able to enforce Islamization policy in Nigeria because they are yet to capture the southwest that holds the franchise of Nigeria. Right now, they are set to take the southwest. Already, there’s been a handshake between the northwest and the southwest.

Consider this: The leadership structure of the All Progressives Congress (APC) could be a source of concern and conflict. Take a look at the

principal officers of the party:

1. National Leader (North) Muslim.

2. National Leader (South) Muslim.

3. National Chairman (Muslim).

4. Deputy National Chairman (Muslim).

5. National Secretary (Muslim).

6. Deputy National Secretary (Muslim).

7. National Publicity Secretary (Muslim).

8. National Treasurer (Muslim).

9. National Financial Secretary (Muslim).

10. National Youth Leader (Muslim).

11. Legal Adviser (Muslim).

12. Women Leader (Muslim).

13. Ex-officio member (Muslim).

* Eighty per cent of governors of a political party are Muslims.

* Section 1 (1) of the 1999 Constitution says it is the 1999 Constitution that is supreme. It is higher than any of the laws made in Nigeria.

*Section 38 (1) guarantees freedom of expression, freedom of belief, and freedom of choice. Under the 1999 Constitution, one can decide to be a member of any religion. But in the same Constitution Sharia is enshrined. Sharia says if you dare change your religion from Islam to any other religion, you must die. And if you practise any other religion apart from Islam, you must die. Constitutionally, Nigeria is an Islamic State.

What further evidence do we need that Nigeria is not one country? What more persuasion do we need for Yoruba Nation? Separation will save Nigeria from ethnic rivalry and acrimonious rancor.  We’re better off going our separate ways!


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