Yoruba Nation Is Not Negotiable! By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Predictably, APC won the Ekiti State gubernatorial election. Abiodun Oyebanji garnered 187, 057 votes. As usual, the election wasn’t free from vote-buying, ballot stuffing and snatching, and other surreptitious rigging tactics – the trademark of elections in Nigeria.
It is instructive to emphasize that any election in Yoruba land or Nigeria, in general, would not deter or delay the departure of Yorubas from Nigeria. Yoruba self-determination (Yoruba Nation) is not contingent on the presidential candidates of Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Alhaji Abubakar Atiku. Any Yoruba who thinks agitation for Yoruba Nation will go away simply because of Tinubu’s candidacy is living in a fool’s paradise. As far as we are concerned, a cow can be sworn in as the next president of Nigeria. Nigeria is not redeemable. No one can save Nigeria from falling apart. Nigeria is no more a failed state. It’s a collapsed country. In other words, no amount of restructuring can prevent the imminent and inevitable disintegration of Nigeria. 

Tinubu lacks the militancy, the radicalism, or the revolutionary fervor that would uproot the old Nigeria for a new Nigeria. His allegiance is to his Fulani political godfathers. He would do all that is possible to please them. For example, Tinubu is too patronizing and subservient to the Fulanis – owners of Nigeria – to radically throw the 1999 Constitution (Nigeria’s apartheid document) into the lagoon and initiate a Constituent Assembly that will draft a new constitution. We cannot and will not sacrifice the Yoruba race and Yoruba Nation for the greedy, selfish, and inordinate ambition of Tinubu. 
There can never be real restructuring or true federalism in Nigeria given the super majority of Fulanis in the Senate and the House of Reps. I believe we have passed the negotiating stage for restructuring or true federalism. Restructuring or true federalism is too little, too late. We have gone too far on Yoruba self-determination to go back. After all, we have nothing to lose but our chains of servitude to the Fulanis. Given the scale and scope of the massacre of Yorubas by Fulani savages, any Yoruba man or woman that continues to advocate for restructuring is a traitor, a betrayer, and indeed an enemy of Yorubas. No one and nothing will send us back to Egypt.  
We’re out of the killing jungle!


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