A Kate Middleton and Prince William Breakup Article Went Viral. Here’s the Truth About the Rumors

Yesterday, MSN tweeted an article stating, “Prince William and Kate Middleton separate as Duchess moves out with children.” The tweet remains up; the article has been taken down; and the entire situation has sparked rumors that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s marriage is in trouble. The reality is Kate and William are fine…and a false news story was spread.

msn's false tweet about kate and william


As Cosmopolitan pointed out, the report MSN ran originated in a French language publication, Oh My Mag. MSN ran a translated version of Oh My Mag’s article, which suggested that the Duchess had walked out with the couple’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Oh My Mags publisher Groupe Cerise told Newsweek, “This story is indeed false and has been published by accident. We are taking it down momentarily.” MSN deleted its story too, but its tweet remains up over a day after it was tweeted.

Newsweek pointed out that Kate and William are due to appear together tomorrow at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick in London. The couple visited Scotland together last week.

Details about the Duke and Duchess’s marriage—and personal life generally—have been kept private. Us Weekly did get a little insight into Kate and William’s date night around Easter, though.

A source told the outlet that when the couple went to Courchevel, France, with their children, they had a little one-on-one time, too. “William and Kate managed to squeeze in a romantic candlelit date night before they left,” the source said. “It was just what they needed to ignite the spark after such a hectic couple of years.”

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