“Completely unfair”: Marjorie Taylor Greene complains that people think she is “unintelligent”

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., blamed the media this week because she said people believe that she is “angry or crazy or unintelligent.”

“They create me as someone to not be liked,” Greene told conservative podcast host Lisa Boothe. “They make me out as if I’m angry or crazy or basically just unintelligent, which, you know, is completely unfair. But they say give me all the ‘isms.’ You know, ‘ists.’ Like the racist, the homophobic, um, you know, anti-Semitic. They put all those labels on me and none of them are true.”

“That’s pretty frustrating so I think people get the wrong idea about me,” she added.

During the interview, Greene also complained about arming Ukraine while American mothers are not able to find baby formula.

“Our government, it’s not the same government. It’s a regime. They’re communists. They are waging a war against America,” Greene opined. “Anyone that went inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, whether they just walked around or they fought with police officers or they broke their way in, no matter what level they were on, they have become political targets. They have been arrested. They’re being prosecuted.”

And she slammed Nina Jankowicz, who has been selected to lead a Department of Homeland Security disinformation board.

“The ministry of truth is absolutely absurd and that woman, we have a lot to say about her,” Greene remarked. “The very idea that they can make her the decision-maker of what’s true and what isn’t true and she’s just clearly a far-left woman who seems miserable in her own right.”

“And I just feel sorry for her child to have that kind of mother,” she concluded.

Listen to the podcast below.


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