Ruling Party, APC Justifies N100million Presidential Form Fee, Says Nigerians Love Expensive Lives

The All Progressives Congress has given reasons for the prices placed on its Expression of Interest and Nomination forms.
The party had on Wednesday released its primary election timetable ahead of the 2023 elections, after a meeting of its national executive committee (NEC).

APC also announced the fees for nomination forms for presidential hopefuls are expected to pay N100million, while those for governorship will pay N50million.
The price of nomination form for state house of assembly was pegged at N2million, House of Representatives is N10million, and that for the senate is N20million.
Many Nigerians however expressed shock with this development, wondering if the party was operating from a different country and if it was not aware of the current economic situation in the land.
Speaking on Wednesday in an interview with Channels Television, Frank Morka, APC spokesperson, said the decision on the form fees was “justified”.
He said, “Exorbitant for those who aspire for the highest office in Nigeria. Yes, I guess people may ask that legitimate questions around that. But don’t forget that some of the most special groups of citizens were granted high consideration. Youths between 25 and 40 are granted 50 per cent discount for all positions.
“We live in a country where people live opulent lifestyles and make legitimate money.”
Asked if APC is a party for the rich, he replied, “It is not for the rich. Economically, things are not perfect. They are not perfect anywhere. Do you have a country where the economy is perfect? Is it the United States or the United Kingdom?
“We should make decisions that reflect our situation. The party thinks that the values placed on these forms are justified.”


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