Adesina’s Dance Of Shame By Dr Charles Okhai

“Those who divided Nigeria with their mouths are the ones now accusing President Buhari”
Femi Adesina’s recent comment on the personality of highly revered Bishop Kukah is on the least Silly, sarcastic, senseless, discourteous and above all, fool hardy.

I remember vividly the WEEKEND CONCORD NEWSPAPER in the eighties. I remember some bright Journalists under the able editorial leadership of the famous Mike Awoyinfa. One of the notable reporters then was Femi Adesina, who is currently the Special Adviser on Media to President Buhari. By the nomenclature of his appointment, he is expected to project, and defend the activities of Mr President. But unfortunately, Mr Adesina has gone overboard to become overzealous for Mr President.He is now a mere stooge in the hands of his pay master to the detriment of the Nation he was appointed to serve.He has assigned to himself an additional responsibility of playing dirty games just to impress his master. He has lost sight of the fact that the country comes first, but he has reduced his national responsibility to one man show. He cares less about the nation, only Buhari matters to him. What a shame.
Lets look at it with one track mind, what has Adesina done all these past years in office? Nothing but outright display of cloud washing and complete dishonesty. Honesty is Paramount when it comes to good public relation. You cannot afford to lie. Well, you can, but you won’t get far and your reputation will be totally destroyed. This is glaring today in Adesina’s case.
For sure, this is a different Adesina, a young man with innocent appearance, although, Shakes Spear counseled that appearance could be very receptive because there is no act to find the minds construction in the face. Adesina fits perfectly into Shakes Spear line of thought. He is soft spoken and gentle, yet. he is a green snake under the green grass at Also Rock. Who could have thought that the Adesina we considered “A MAN OF INTEGRITY” just a few years ago as Editor in Chief, and Managing Director of the SUN Newspapers would this dark days of our nation be an agent of darkness?
Adesina is a man that has lost all senses of decorum to become so disgusting, repulsive, and unpatriotic public relations boy for the government in power. Power has changed him, Money has changed him, and Fame has also changed him. This is certainly not the Adesina we thought we knew.
One thing is clear which Adesina must have forgotten, that is, power is very transient. So, very soon, he will vacate his present position, and when it happens, where would he turn his face, where will he find relevance again in the country. Why would Adesina eat up his future so raveciously, why didn’t he choose to buy his future instead. If a man looses money, he has actually lost nothing, if a man looses power, he has lost nothing, but if a man looses INTEGRITY, then he has lost everything.
Adesina has lost it all, let him continue to wallow in his foolishness and dance non stop to the Also Rock music of shame. But very soon, the evil drums at Ask Rock will stop, and unfortunately, Adesina will be left high and dry on shores of our society, and suddenly he will realise just too late that he has lost it all.
Dr Charles Okhai, President, Nigerian Association of Christian Journalists (NACJ).


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