Sowore Visits Abuja Communities, Promises To Turn Nigeria Into Construction Site, Provide Millions Of Solar Energy Jobs

A presidential aspirant of the African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore on Sunday said he would turn Nigeria into a huge construction site by building over five million houses.

This, in turn, he said, would provide jobs for many unemployed youths within four years.

He said his government would develop electricity using the solar system in such a way that it would provide employment for millions of Nigerian graduates in the North.
He revealed this during a visit to the Pegi and Jikwoyi communities in Abuja to engage with members of the party on Sunday.
He was received by a large crowd in the two communities who had gathered in anticipation of his arrival.
He said the Northern region of the county alone can produce electricity that would serve half of the country using solar power.
He said the establishment of ranches in some states in the North for herdsmen would provide employment and end unrelenting massacres and displacement of farming communities by armed herdsmen.

“Nigeria needs to be put to work. Nigeria needs to industrialise. Nigeria cannot industrialise if you don’t have electricity. That is the basic minimum of industrialisation, there must be power.
“Another basic minimum for industrialisation, progress and development is security.
“Who is going to bring his company to Nigeria when bandits can stop a train, kidnap everyone and kill whoever they want to kill.
“We will turn Nigeria into a construction site. We are building over five million houses in four years. We are developing the electricity sector in a way that will employ millions in the North.
“The North can provide electricity that can take care of half of Nigeria if we use solar power.
“Sun will provide electricity that will help the entire North. To build solar power farm that would raise enough electricity to help, you will have to employ over two million people.”
Sowore faulted Northern Elders Forum for calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign, noting that they were warned that Buhari should not have been voted into office in 2019.
“We saw the future when we protested against Buhari in 2021. In 2022, Northern Elders Forum just woke up three days ago, they said Buhari should resign. We told them that Buhari should not have been allowed to come in 2019.”
“We still have a long way to go with Buhari and that is why we have come to you that this is decision-taking time. Don’t take it for granted,” Sowore added.


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