Donald Trump Jr. mocked after posting gun-toting Easter bunnies

Donald Trump Jr. is being mocked for an Easter meme he posted of people dressed as bunnies and holding guns and wearing grenades. The eldest Trump son used the image on Instagram while wishing people “Happy Easter.” Easter is generally the holiest of days, and when Christians celebrate the leader of their church. The faith believes that the death of Christ ensured all sin was eradicated from those who believe. It is often characterized as the greatest act of love, earning Christ the title of the Savior.

Don Jr. took a different approach. Easter coincides with the pagan spring fertility festival, in which people come out of the darkness of winter and celebrate. Rabbits and eggs symbolize that fertility. So, Trump Jr. embraced the pagan tradition with the added twist of death and destruction.

Some online observed that those dressed in the costumes are also emblematic of the furry community, those who enjoy dressing up in cartoonish costumes. Some enjoy it as part of a sexual fetish. The younger Trump has never indicated he enjoys dressing up in costumes.

See the mockery below:


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