Impossible Foods sausage links are the plant-based meat I didn’t know I wanted

I’m not really a breakfast person. I’m a croissant-on-Fridays person. I’m definitely a coffee person. I’m a have-a-bowl-of-oatmeal-at-11:30-and-call-it-brunch person. But I’m not someone who, by any means, diligently eats half a grapefruit every morning or devours a plate of bacon and eggshash browns, and buttered toast sliced kitty-corner before work. The latest launch from Impossible Foods is daring me to change my ways.

The multibillion-dollar plant-based food company has once again expanded its offerings with Impossible Sausage Links. Available in three varieties — Bratwurst, Italian, and Spicy — the sausage links join their Impossible relatives, which include ground sausage, breakfast sausage patties, and frozen sausage patties. The links are made to taste like pork sausage and offer the same satisfying crack you get when biting into a meaty sausage link, thanks to the plant-based casing.

“We didn’t compromise when it came to making sure Impossible Sausage Links deliver all the satisfying snap and sizzle that consumers love about pork sausage,” said Laura Kliman, director of new product development at Impossible Foods. “Our innovative technology platform and consumer-focused design approach allowed us to finesse everything from the spice mix to the casing and stuffing process, and we really perfected it to give consumers the opportunity to enjoy what they love most about pork sausage from pigs without sacrificing on taste, versatility, or environmental impact.”

Impossible Sausage Links can be prepared just like regular sausage — grill it and stuff it in a hoagie with sautéed peppers and onions, make a plant-based version of our favorite sausage ragu with rigatoni, or quickly prep this cozy 20-minute soup with sausage and beans. In the meantime, I’ll take a stab at Ella Quittner’s Breakfast Casserole and see if maybe I transform into someone who eats breakfast at a reasonable morning hour.


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