Meghan McCain is worried about “woke” Jon Stewart’s return to “The Daily Show”

Just one day after it was announced that Jon Stewart will be filling a seat on Mondays in a revolving schedule of hosts for “The Daily Show,” Meghan McCain, former cohost of “The View,” has something to say about it. 

In an episode of her podcast “Meghan McCain Has Entered the Chat” on Thursday, during which she was joined by Fox News contributor Joe Concha, she admitted to being a fan of Stewart during his initial run as host of “The Daily Show,” but says she lost interest when “he became more critical of conservative voices in politics,” according to Entertainment Weekly

“I was horrified at the sort of creature he has morphed into. I found him to be the most woke, I didn’t recognize the Jon that I grew up loving,” she says, fretting over which version of Stewart will sit behind the desk this time around.

“At a certain point, when does making money and having people watch your s**t matter? Because if it’s just going to be MSNBC, but by a comedian, what’s the point of it?,” she furthered. “Or is this going to slag on forever like zombies into the darkness?”


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