2023 Is About Vultures, Not Candidates By Bayo Oluwasanmi

We are in the hunting season of Nigeria’s political wild game. What is left of Nigeria is only carcass. Those of you who have been around long enough have seen a ton of hyenas and other vultures scrambling over the carcass.
Take a look at the hyenas. Look at them very carefully. The same carnivores, same species of vultures are back to their leftover carcass. They have devoured Nigeria into a small, meatless scrap. They are coming from everywhere. They are swooping in and waddling around the bones. Each of the vultures, particularly the hefty ones, is trying to scare and stop the other oxygen-deprived ones from having a bite of the carcass.

The last time so many vultures were around the carcass was in 2019. They had their fill. They stripped every last bit of edible meat, tendon, and connective tissue from the carcass’ bones. Then, abandoned it. Now they are back with such hunger, greed, and ferocity. The vultures are not joking!
The vultures are making pledges to former rivals. No one is shocked by the alliance. They are united. They are moving at speed. They are consulting and conspiring with each other with speed and chemistry. They are ready as they have always been, praying for a carnivorous system that will support and sustain their appetites.
There’s nothing new about the vultures. Everything that’s happening now has happened before. It’s been happening for 61 years. The only absurd thing is to deny it. The vultures will be voted to power by idiots. You and others willingly put murderers, rapists, thieves, and looters in power. No lesson learned from the past.
2023 it’s not about candidates. It’s about vultures. But you can bury the vultures with your votes. And that’s if there will be 2023!
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