Apple Watch Series 7 Is at Its Lowest Price Ever on Amazon

Where does your loyalty lie? In the world of luxury mechanical watches crafted in Switzerland or with the breed of smart timepieces backed by high-tech for monitoring health and connecting with the World Wide Web? For many, it’s a tough call.

Then there’s Apple, whose craftsmanship and tech-savvy brought reconciliation to the conflict when it debuted its first smartwatch, Apple Watch Series 0, in 2015. The latest Apple Watch Series 7 has only gotten better since debuting last fall. And to make things even better, Apple Watch Series 7 is currently discounted to its latest price ever on Amazon.

Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS, 41mm)



$329.00 (18% off)

This deal is clutch for those who are in dire need of a smartwatch upgrade as well as those who have never owned one before. For the former, Series 7 brings Apple’s largest Retina display watch surface yet with a full 45mm screen area (almost 20 percent more than Series 6’s) alongside faster charge, heightened resistance to dust and crack, and more poppy colors. As such, Apple Watch Series 7 might be the best smartwatch in the market.

As for the discount, $70 off a $399 smartwatch isn’t too much to gloat over. But for a brand that never put its true gems on sale, this deal is not to be missed. (And if you’re not convinced on the style front of a basic Apple Watch Series 7 model—GPS, 41mm, aluminum case, and sport band—simply elevate it to one with a stainless steel case or Milanese loop band.)

Lastly, if you already own an Apple Watch Series 7, consider scoring these deals for a loved one—dad, mom, husband, wife—so you won’t come off short when Mother’s Day or Father’s Day arrives. You know how good Series 7 is, and it’s only logical they know it too.

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