Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 21 – 2 7, 2022

Not that this is exactly “stop the press” level news to you, o’ hard-working one, but this week’s cosmic headline involves finding a healthy and sustainable balance between your professional and personal lives. It’s easy for your service-oriented sign to log too many hours—partly because you enjoy supporting others and partly because you don’t have an off switch. While there’s not a “fill line” showing you where to stop, you can look around at the rest of your life for clues. For instance, if your beloved—or friends—keep reciting the same complaint (“I don’t get to see enough of you”), then it’s probably a good indication that things have gotten out of whack.

Another clue? Your stress levels. On Tuesday, March 22, a once-a-year square (90-degree clash) between go-getter Mars in your service sector and unsettling Uranus in your ninth house of freedom and adventure could force you to look at what you’ve been sacrificing in the name of work or helping others. Even if you don’t experience this as an internal tug of war, there’s no reason to wait till things reach the tipping point. Stop burning the midnight oil and replace those hours with—dare we suggest it?—self-care, Virgo. Get some bodywork, soak in a hot herbal salt bath, book your favorite beauty treatment…and have a couple nights a week where you simply do what your little heart desires, whether that’s cook a healthy meal, catch up on your reading—or your Netflix queue!

But get ’er done—or a chunk of the work—by Sunday, when messenger Mercury flips into Aries and your eighth house of seductive pillow talk! Life could get a whole lot more “picante” during this steamy annual transit, which is in effect until April 10. You could go from mild to wild in a few heartbeats, depending who’s riding shotgun. Your modest sign isn’t always quick to share your desires and fantasies, but with the loose-lipped communicator planet revving through your house of intimacy and secrets, the gloves could come off (along with the rest of your outfit). Virgos in a committed relationship may not be able to hold back your inner vixen—or see any good reason to even try! A casual situationship might heat up to a near-boiling point, and you get to decide whether to keep the flame turned up or to lower it.

The eighth house is also the seat of your most intense emotions, and it won’t take much under this influence to rouse your passion—OR your jealousy, possessiveness or other less savory reactions. Before you accuse anyone of anything, do your research. Don’t chase unfounded rumors or let your mind spin out on vague suspicions. Under this Mercury-infused transit, your imagination will be in overdrive, but why torment yourself with notions that might be pure fiction?

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