Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 21 – 2 7, 2022

If your cash hasn’t been flowing the way a savvy Sea Goat prefers it to, take it as a sign that it’s time for a fiscal tune-up. On Tuesday, March 22, unbridled Mars in your money zone clashes with rebellious Uranus in your fifth house of fun, creativity and romance. You might decide on a lark that you have “money to burn” and not be in your usual cautionary state of mind. The fifth house is also your glamour zone, and instigator Uranus might just convince you of a “need” to update your wardrobe. On the positive side, this activating transit can act like the mother of invention, inspiring you to seek out creative ways of having your cake and eating it too when it comes to pleasure.

If anyone can walk that fine line between earning and saving and getting the highest value for your dollar, it’s you, Capricorn. This is where your pragmatism, excellent taste AND uncanny ability to manifest a deal come in handy! And of course, there’s nothing wrong with following tried-and-true principles, like cutting unnecessary expenses (sayonara, ten-dollar lattes and dessert-for-breakfast) and committing to a more aggressive savings plan. Not to mention finding free or nearly free events in your ‘hood—a win-win because YOU save moola AND get to support your community!

Almost on cue, clever Mercury wings into Aries and your domestic fourth house on Sunday, making Chateau Cap the most appealing destination you—and several others!—can think of. For the next couple weeks, your casa may morph into a buzzing hive. That doesn’t mean you need to permit an open-door policy. It’s still your pad, and you get to decide who to part the velvet ropes for. Prioritize family and your inner circle of friends, of course. And if there’s a love interest, well, that VIP pass goes without saying. If there is a lengthy list of people you want to see during this uber-social Mercury period, consider small group gatherings. You don’t have to feed them all though! Think: potluck or assigning folks different courses and drink selections.

From now until April 10, connecting with your tribe will feel extra warm and fuzzy. Anything from game or movie nights to political salons will be mutually enjoyable. And when the guests (eventually) leave, have a look around. Does your place have the kind of peaceful-oasis vibe you fantasize about? With clever Mercury in the house (literally), it’s totally doable. Find a few design ideas you can pull off easily and affordably and get started. And indulge your organized earth sign instincts with efficient closet organization systems—but be sure to declutter first so you know exactly how much to allow room for.

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