Did Nigerian Politicians Learn Embezzlement In Nollywood Movies Too? – Jide Kosoko Reacts To Ritual Killings’ Link With Films

Veteran Nollywood actor, Jide Kosoko, has rubbished claims made by some Nigerians that restive youths learned notorious acts such as kidnapping and money rituals from Nollywood movies.

Following the alarming rate of kidnappings and ritual killings recorded across the country, there have been claims that Nollywood movies have in one way or the other influenced Nigerian youths into thinking that it is an alternative source of making money.

Recently, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, disclosed that filmmakers in the country had been asked to avoid making money ritual content. He stated that the Federal Government’s decision to sanitise the social media was hinged on confessions of some money ritual suspects.

The spokesperson of the Ogun state police command DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, had also stated that some of the suspects arrested said they learnt the act via Nollywood movies.

Responding to these allegations, Jide Kosoko said, “It’s a wrong accusation; a very wrong accusation. People should not forget that we have a responsibility to mirror the society and this not just by…we only try to mellow it with the entertainment.

“It is our duty to let you know what happens at the other end for it to guide you, for you to be informed so that you can know what and what to do.

“We have heard of politicians embezzling money here and there. Are you saying that they learnt embezzlement in our movies too? All those people displaying money here and there, at occasions, at various functions; are we the ones that taught them that?

“In every production we would never glorify evil; whichever movie that idiot that says he watched a movie that made him to be kidnapping, watched; go and see that movie.”


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