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Evans has finally been convicted of kidnapping. Kudos to all the security and bank transaction monitoring units who shunned Evans and his blood money. No one can bring back the Evans’ dead or restore lost time to Evans’ victims or erase Evans’ memories. In fact, can anyone compensate for the trauma to family and friends by Evans kidnapping machine? The citizens money recovered from Evans should be returned to victims. Evans properties should be sold at public auction and the funds returned. The Evans money is all other people’s money!

Remember that families and companies often are forced to borrow or receive gifts from friends in difficult circumstances and bankers or they sell personal assets like houses, cars and other property to meet ransom demands. Such demands are always totally so astronomically high as to be totally out of touch with the lifetime earning power of the kidnap victims? Now that Evans is in prison, other charges can be brought against him and his cohorts but let him not be freed by his gang during a trip to court.

All hail those behind the quick planning and telephoning around to get those who blocked the exit roads of the mega-robbery of five banks in Uromi, Edo robbery mayhem which culminated in the murder of five honourable members of the police force tragically removed from their families, just for going to work to do their job to earn how much exactly??

Fire at Ladipo Market Lagos razes 200 shops ruining shop tenders, shop owners, shop renters and those who fund the contents of these shops. Everyone was warned in January about the annual harmattan fires in markets nationwide but already we have more than 10 major fires, all in markets. Wanted: More Fire Education and Services. Please take the threat of possible fire seriously even as we prepare for floods. Fortunately in preparation for the coming floods in Oyo State, there are serious efforts to widen the channels and reinforce and widen the bridges.   The new bill for special seats for Nigerian women in senate and House of Representatives seem to be the only way to get what came so normally to many other African countries which respect their womanhood and did not need to alter the constitution and increase the cost of governance to encourage more women in politics. Only 7/109 Senators and 22/360 House of Representatives are female despite a worldwide attempt to elevate women to political authority.

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The bill also seeks a minimum of 35% for executive members for all party executives to be women. Apparently this has been stepped down because the politician men think the women cannot have both affirmative seats and 35%. The rest of us know they are not mutually exclusive but stepping-stones to equality. The question around funding of the planned 111 extra seats is a major one at this time of severe economic hardship and falling naira even in the presence of rising dollar price for oil to $100+ driven by the unnecessary Russian/Ukrainian war.

Remember our continuous clamour for National Assembly to reduce the cost of its ‘SAP’, ‘Salaries and Perks’ which are ‘SAP’ing Nigeria dry. The women should learn a lesson from win as it is something of a pyric victory. The men of the National Assembly may have met and decided to only support additions to their numbers and not dilutions with women despite being among the top costing legislatures worldwide.

This new formula of ‘supernumerary but equal’ exposes men as selfish and do not want to give up their loin’s share, so the battle is not over. No attempt must be made to make the National Assembly men comfortable with this arrangement. Congratulations are not in order. It is not yet Uhuru because while it may be good for the men it is only slightly better than bad for the women. The women are 49-51% of the population, depending on who is counting and why. The world is moving to make parliaments have such statics after finally realising how valuable good women are in governance. Nigeria is sadly out of step. Because Nigerian men are not willing to share 49-51% of the political podium. In keeping with Nigerian typical 12 2/3 mathematical gymnastics this generation of male politician has come up with an increase in the number which does not achieve 49-51% or even 35%. It is just 25%. Of course, it is far better than the next to nothing in increasing women numbers in office that has been ‘achieved’ since 1960 keeping the status quo ante since forever. However, it also a huge price for Nigerians taxpayers to have to pay for the salaries of an extra 111 needless posts just because of the incumbent male members are unwilling to do the needful and relinquish 111 or more of the current constitutionally allocated National Assembly seats.

It may be seen as a win, and to some extent it is. But it is also a typical political compromise costing Nigeria more billions it should never have had to spend and does not have. But in Nigeria, a bird in hand id worth 10 in the bush and half bread is always better than none. Did the men say ‘let us give it to them, they cannot do anything with 25%? Enough cheating. We are still in the majority?’ But just maybe 25% can change the political world?


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