Why Michelle Obama Skipped the 2024 Grammys, Despite Her Second Win

While former first lady Michelle Obama received a nomination—and a win—at the 66th annual Grammy Awards, she did not make an appearance at the ceremony tonight. Obama earned the award for Best Audio Book, Narration, and Storytelling Recording for The Light We Carry: Overcoming In Uncertain Times. She beat fellow nominees Meryl Streep, Senator Bernie Sanders, William Shatner, and Rick Rubin.

This is not Obama’s first Grammy. In 2020, she was nominated for, and won, Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books, & Storytelling) for her New York Times bestseller Becoming. She now has the same number of Grammys as her husband, Barack Obama.

When Becoming was nominated in 2019, she reacted to the news on Instagram: “So thrilled to receive a #GRAMMYs nomination! This past year has been such a meaningful, exhilarating ride. I’ve loved hearing your stories and continuing down the road of becoming together. Thank you for every ounce of love and support you’ve shared so generously.”

Obama wrote The Light We Carry during the COVID-19 pandemic. In August 2023, she shared with People that the memoir/self-help book came from all of the questions she would receive.

“Everyone was asking for some answers of how to cope. And for some reason they were asking me, ‘What do you do?’ I had to start thinking about that,” she shared. “Over the 58 years that I’ve lived, I can look back and I can say, this is how I deal with fear. These are the things I say to myself when I need to pick myself up. This is how I stay visible in a world that doesn’t necessarily see a tall Black woman. This is how I stay armored up when I’m attacked. The book is that offering.”


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