Joy Behar says that if Trump has a sense of humor, he’ll pick Marjorie Taylor Greene for VP

From the moment there was a glimmer of possibility that Donald Trump would campaign for a nonconsecutive second term in office, there has been theorizing and speculation as to who he will pick as his running mate this time around; with this one, that one, Tucker Carlson and whoever the hell else thrown in as possibilities. But one name is a floater, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

In a segment of “The View” on Thursday morning, host Joy Behar made a case for why MTG would lend herself perfectly to the position as Trump’s VP, if for no other reason than the comedy of it all; which is a dangerous thing to hope for, even if just in jest, as it’s likely how Trump himself got elected in the first place.

“If he has a sense of humor, he’ll pick Marjorie Taylor Greene,” Behar said after co-host Whoopi Goldberg dropped Elise Stefanik’s name as a contender. “That’ll keep comedians in business for four years.”

In August 2023, Greene spoke to The Guardian about this possibility, saying, “It’s talked about frequently and I know my name is on a list,” adding that she’d be honored and would “consider it.” 

Watch a clip from “The View” here:


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