“We will not ever fail to have their back”: Biden makes formal statement on Israel attack

As the number of deaths and injuries grow following the overnight attack on Israel where Hamas launched a surprise operation early Saturday by land, air, and sea, President Biden addressed the tragedy from the White House, calling it an “appalling assault.”

“Today, the people of Israel are under attack orchestrated by a terrorist organization, Hamas” he said. “In this moment of tragedy, I want to say to them and to the world and to terrorists everywhere, the United States stands with Israel. We will not ever fail to have their back. We’ll make sure they have the help that their citizens need and they can continue to defend themselves.”

Detailing the experience of being informed of entire families being taken hostage by Hamas, relayed to him during his morning calls, Biden furthered that there’s never a justification for terrorist attacks, saying that he and the First Lady have hope for a swift recovery for those who have been wounded.

As PBS highlights in their coverage, “Hamas’ unprecedented incursion, coming on a major Jewish holiday, was the deadliest attack in Israel in years and was threatening to spiral into a broader conflict.” Adding that, “U.S. officials say they intend to press ahead but acknowledge efforts are unlikely to bear fruit while there is an active conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.” 


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