The 14 Best Caffeine Eye Creams for Brighter, Youthful-Looking Eyes

Aging can cause us to lose the luminosity and smoothness of our youth. Luckily, Empelle’s Eye Cream restores all of that and more, courtesy of a blend of emollients to nourish the skin, caffeine, and peptides to address anti-aging, and the brand’s MEP Technology to firm.

Skin type: Mature

Size: 0.5 fl oz

Dermstore rating: 5/5 stars

“One of my recommendations for a great eye cream is Emepelle’s Eye Cream. It has caffeine, peptides, antioxidants and humectants, and it also has their non-hormonal MEP Technology that helps restore collagen loss. This combination along with caffeine not only helps improve puffiness, but it will also help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and it will brighten the skin around the eyes. I love that it has the immediate benefit of depuffing in combination with the lasting anti-aging benefits of helping to restore lost collagen.”—Dr. Nazanin Saedi, Philadelphia-based board-certified dermatologist


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