“I can’t pay the lawyers”: Mike Lindell’s attorneys quit over “millions” in unpaid legal bills

Lawyers for MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, an avid peddler of 2020 voter fraud conspiracy theories, have dropped the Trump ally as a client because he failed to pay for their services, Lindell announced on the Thursday edition of former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s show. Captured by media watchdog Media Matters for America, Lindell told the “The War Room” host that all of the attorneys representing him in his defamation lawsuits with voting tech companies Dominion Voting Systems, which is seeking $1.3 billion in damages, and Smartmatic submitted filings declaring their departures in federal court 10 minutes prior to his appearance. 

“This comes from the lawfare, basically, and from the media, the attacks on MyPillow, what American Express did — just devastating our credit. We — I — can’t pay the lawyers. We can’t pay. There’s no money left over to pay them,” Lindell said, noting that he made the announcement to preempt the “attack” from the media.

Lindell’s attorneys asked to withdraw from the case in a court filing on Thursday, telling the court that Lindell is “in arrears by millions of dollars” and that they were informed that he is “not able to get caught up with or make any payment on the large amount they owe in arrears nor pay for anywhere near the estimated expense of continuing to defend against the lawsuits going forward.” The filing comes after Lindell revealed that his pillow company is facing five audits from the IRS, adding to his growing financial woes.


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