Candace Owens on Taylor Swift’s dating: “Why hasn’t any man stepped up to the plate to marry her?”

We haven’t heard from Candace Owens lately, so of course she popped up to weigh in on Taylor Swifts alleged relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. And while Owens doesn’t necessarily disapprove of the famed fling, she does disapprove of Swift — who she previously claimed “has the maturity of a 15-year-old girl” — and her newfound involvement in football.  

On the Friday episode of Owens’ eponymous podcast, its host takes the opportunity to ruthlessly trash Swift and her girl-next-door personality, which Owens labels as both “annoying and cringy.” Owens also feels compelled to comment on Swift’s “odd dating pattern,” which, in Owens’ eyes, seems to consist of a series of flings rather than long term relationships: 

“Why hasn’t any man stepped up to the plate to marry her?” Owens asked, continuing the right’s push for marriage, before mentioning Swift’s previous partners by name. “Why didn’t Joe Alwyn want to marry her after six years of dating her? 

“Well, maybe it’s because Taylor Swift has a lot of personalities, and people think that that’s cute and it’s funny . . . but me, maybe I suffer from also being a 34-year-old adult woman, I just think it’s odd. I think her behavior is really, really cringy.”

Elsewhere in the segment, Owens slams Swift’s appearance with Kelce’s mother at the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the New York Jets. “I don’t think Taylor Swift follows football,” Owens says, adding that the pop star only began caring about the sport “this Sunday.”

“She’s just so fake, so plastic, so manufactured, very unauthentic, and that has always been my assessment about Taylor Swift.”

Watch the full episode of the “Candace” podcast below, via YouTube:


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